We support advocacy work of civil society organisations, coalitions, campaigns and initiatives across four key focus areas


Mannifera funding can support core operations or be project-specific. We award three types of grants: Signature, Rapid Response, and Capacity Building.

Call for Proposals:

We are currently running a call for proposals from organisations working to combat the spread of disinformation and misinformation in Australia. Please review our Combating Dis/misinformation Grant Round Guidelines for detailed information on the scope of work we’re seeking to support, assessment criteria, and how organisations can submit proposals. The submission deadline is February 22nd, 2024.

Review the guidelines here.


Our focus areas


Fairness in political participation


Fairness and quality in public debate


Fair, accountable and open government


A fair and equitable tax system and social safety net


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Detailed information on our focus areas, grant types, supported activities and decision-making processes is available in our Granting Guide.

Download our Granting Guide