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Funding area: A fair and equitable tax system and economic safety net


The Centre for Policy Development is an independent, non-partisan public policy institute with staff in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Jakarta, and a network of experts across the Indo-Pacific region. CPD confronts the toughest policy challenges facing Australia and the region, and take people on the journey of solving them through a unique collaborative method that creates enduring systemic change.

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2023 Capacity Building Grant – $50,000

Core building funding


Mannifera has provided capacity building funding to the Centre for Policy Development to convene and coordinate joint advocacy between civil society organisations working towards a more inclusive wellbeing economy.

The Centre for Policy Development (CPD) has been a leading, long-term advocate for a wellbeing economic framework in Australia, particularly over the last two years. Thanks in part to CPD’s ongoing advocacy the Federal Treasurer released Australia’s first National Wellbeing Framework in July 2023.

Now that the Framework has been released, CPD plans to coordinate civil society advocacy to push the government to engage in a widespread and inclusive national wellbeing conversation. This is because the Wellbeing Framework can only be impactful when decided on by the people of Australia on the basis of the Australia we want for ourselves and future generations.

This is a time bound political opportunity. The window to convince the government to hold a national conversation is short and the conversation needs to be held soon after the framework is released. 

CPD will work to ensure that the wellbeing movement is joined-up on this advocacy initiative and is already working with Monash Sustainable Development Initiative (MSDI), Think Forward, Foundations for Tomorrow, Orygen, Australia ReMade, and wellbeing convenors including Wellbeing Economy Alliance – Australia Hub (WeAll), New Economy Network Australia (NENA), Australian National Development index (ANDI) and WADI in WA.