By working together, we can make a difference


Through our collective giving and partnership approach, Mannifera increases the power and expands the potential of members’ philanthropy.

Mannifera members include private ancillary funds (PAFs), fundholders within public ancillary funds (PuAFs), charitable trusts and individuals.

Members contribute a minimum of $65,000 per annum with a three-year commitment. Some members choose to remain anonymous.

If you are a funder interested in joining, learn more in our Membership Guide.

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Membership Offerings



Leveraging giving through pooled funding.

Supporting a larger and more diverse range of organisations and projects with due diligence provided.

Increasing and deepening civil society and philanthropic sector relationships.

Advancing philanthropic practice through the collective model with a shared commitment to trialling new approaches.

Engaging in an annual program of civil society and peer-led education and learning on the critical issues relevant to our democracy and economy.

Participating in annual Musters that include collective funding decisions and strategic planning.

Our Members

Some of our Mannifera members currently choose to remain anonymous.


Mannifera partners with the Reichstein Foundation, Australian Communities Foundation and Philanthropy Australia. The Reichstein Foundation and ACF have provided the critical leadership, resourcing and in-kind support to develop and grow Mannifera.  Philanthropy Australia has supported and enabled Mannifera to be part of the Australian philanthropic sector.