Fostering First Nations Economic Inclusion

Through our First Nations-led grantmaking practice we support a range of First Nations-led organisations working to invest in First Nations enterprise and ingenuity driving the Indigenous economy.

Improving Quality Public Debate

We support partners exposing where vested interests influence public policy, protecting the right for civil society to advocate, advancing political education, and fostering healthy information and media environments.

Ensuring Open

and Accountable Government

We support work focused on building strong integrity systems that hold Ministers, decision makers and government institutions to account and that protect whistleblowers.

Building Fair Tax and Economic Systems

We support partners working to achieve greater fairness in our tax system, reform economic systems and services driving inequality, and build an economic social safety net.

Fostering Inclusive Political Participation

We support work that fosters political participation, increases fairness in political representation, and creates greater transparency in political donations and campaign expenditure limits.