About Us



We are a collective of Australian philanthropic funders

Our mission

To invest in civil society partners advocating for the systems change we need to strengthen our democracy and build an economy that works for everyone. 


Our vision

A more complete democracy and an economy with fairness at its heart, protected by a robust and vibrant civil society sector. 


Our strategy

Explore our 2023 -2026 Strategic Plan, and what we’ve learned through our first few years of collective practice, in our Strengthening Democracy Together Report.

Read the report.

How we work is who we are


Focus areas


Our approach to philanthropy


Mannifera is committed to developing a different kind of philanthropy. In line with our values, we cultivate power-sharing partnerships with civil society organisations. We believe this approach enables us to most effectively contribute to the systems change we want to see. 


Characteristics of our partnerships


Civil society-led

Mannifera members are informed by civil society leaders with intelligence and analysis of the political context and the most effective interventions to advance change.


Informed by people and communities

Mannifera engages expertise that exists outside the mainstream, including the people and communities most impacted by the change we seek, to inform our learning, praxis and decision-making.



Mannifera considers the urgency of requests, especially when there is opportunity to take advantage of political and social moments.


Innovative and risk-tolerant

Mannifera is willing to take calculated risks and support ideas and people with promising, new approaches and courageous, change-making campaigns.



The name Mannifera derives from the Eucalyptus Mannifera, also known as the brittle gum.

It is native to the Kangaroo Valley region, where the idea for this initiative took root.

Mannifera are resilient, surviving in poor conditions, much like the democratic movements we support. The trunk turns beautiful colours after rain, thriving when given resources.