Raise the Rate


Funding area: Inclusive economy


Australian Council of Social Services is an Australian organisation that advocates for action to reduce poverty and inequality, and is the peak body for the community services sector in Australia.

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$125,000 (2020)

Core campaign support

$125,000 Signature grant (2020)


Mannifera, with a consortium of funders, provided two separate grants to the ACOSS-led Raise the Rate Campaign in 2020.

Following the federal government’s COVID19 economic stimulus response that doubled unemployment payments in 2020, the campaign shifted to become Raise the Rate For Good. The campaign used evidence, data and stories describing the impact the higher JobSeeker payments were making on people’s lives and for local economies. Raise the Rate for Good’s economic argument for keeping the new JobSeeker rate was supported from the Reserve Bank of Australia and Treasury.

Following months of hard campaigning, the Australian Government permanently increased the pre-pandemic rate of JobSeeker by $25 a week, but more is needed. Fundamentally, the campaign has changed the narrative about people seeking income support, with growing public and political support for greater reform.