Digital Rights Watch


Funding area: Accountable government


Digital Rights Watch exists to defend and promote equality, freedom and established human rights principles in our digital world. DRW was established in 2016 with the mission of strategically defending digital rights in Australia.

DRW employs a combination of strategic policy and advocacy work, engaging with government and regulatory bodies on key legislation impacting on digital rights and freedoms.

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2020 Signature Grant, $100,000

Core funding


Mannifera provided Digital Rights Watch with its first philanthropic grant enabling it to transition from a volunteer-run organisation to having dedicated staff.

In 2020, DRW’s work advanced due to increased government reliance on digital communications during the COVID19 pandemic and the need to scrutinise this reliance.

In 2020, DRW responded to the suite of federal government legislation seen as being detrimental in the way our democracy is shaped alongside the digital ecosystem including; the News Media Bargaining Code, the Privacy Act review, Identify and Disrupt Bill, the Data Availability and Transparency Act, Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment review, and the ASIO Amendments Bill.