The Centre for Public Integrity


Funding area: Accountable government


The Centre for Public Integrity  is an independent think tank working to prevent corruption, protect the integrity of our accountability institutions and eliminate undue influence of money in politics. CPI works to reform the foundations of our democracy to make it transparent and accountable to the public interest.

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$80,000 (2021)

$80,000 (2020)

Core funding

2 x $80,000 Signature grants (2020-21)

The Centre for Public Integrity has received renewed Mannifera funding to drive its crucial reform agenda which focuses on:

Executive Power: being reined in and parliament’s role in drafting laws and scrutinising spending needs to be strengthened.

National Integrity Commission: Former ICAC Commissioners and corruption experts are working together at CPI to promote the establishment of a strong and independent National Integrity Commission.

Money in Politics: Leading political finance experts are working with CPI to research gaps in our electoral laws and design reforms including, caps on political donations and electoral expenditure, real time disclosure of donations over $1000 and stricter regulation of lobbying activities.

Accountability Institutions: CPI has produced 10 Integrity Principles to strengthen and protect accountability institutions from attacks and undermining. Secure funding, merit-based bipartisan appointments and independence from government are among the reforms necessary to ensure accountability institutions can do their job.