Think Forward


Funding area: Inclusive economy


Think Forward is a bipartisan think tank and lobby group for young Australians run by young Australians who come from all sides of politics. Think Forward’s mission is to put intergenerational fairness issues front and centre in Australia’s political debates and include youth perspectives in key economic discussions.

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2022 Signature Grant, $70,000

2022 Signature Grant, $35,000

Core funding


Think Forward is focused on changing the debate around our taxation, superannuation, housing and our broader economic system, influencing policy makers to consider the impacts on younger generations.

Since 2018, the Think Forward team has worked almost entirely pro-bono to develop research and education programs, participated in political debates, collaborate with civil society leaders and garner political support for a parliamentary inquiry into intergenerational fairness. 

In 2022, Think Forward received its first-ever core funding from Mannifera to employ staff who will accelerate their work in the early stages of the new federal government.

In 2023, Think Forward received renewed core funding from Mannifera and over the course of the year Think Forward significantly progressed in all areas of its work. Their advocacy is informing inquiries, bringing intergenerational fairness into public debate and building the case for a parliamentary inquiry. Through their education and research streams, Think Forward is also communicating with and representing a growing number of young people.