Human Rights Law Centre


Funding area: Fair, accountable and open government


The Human Rights Law Centre is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that uses strategic legal action, policy solutions and advocacy to support people and communities to build a fairer, more compassionate Australia. HRLC’s key strengths include legal and policy expertise, the ability to mobilise high quality pro bono legal resources, and to convene and partner with diverse coalitions to achieve shared goals.

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2023 Signature Grant, $40,000

2022 Signature Grant, $55,000

Whistleblower Legal Service


The Human Rights Law Centre is establishing Australia’s first specialist legal service for whistleblowers to safely reveal wrongdoing under the protection of the law and defend them against reprisal. Protecting and empowering whistleblowers requires a multifaceted approach.

HRLC will combine strategic legal action, law reform, research and policy advocacy to expand whistleblower protections and rein in the undemocratic secrecy and surveillance laws currently impeding whistleblowing and public interest journalism in Australia.


Reducing the Impact of Disinformation and Hate Speech

Influenced by the success of the EU’s Digital Services Act, HRLC received seed funding to support the staff time necessary to seize a time-limited political opportunity to target large digital platforms in Australia and their impact on the spread of disinformation and hate speech online. Through the Senate Inquiry into Big Tech this year, HRLC will pursue advocacy and strategic litigation to achieve the strongest reform possible.