Equality Australia


Funding area: Political participation


Equality Australia is a national advocacy organisation protecting the rights of LGBTIQ+ people. Equality Australia emerged from the campaign that was crucial to achieving marriage equality in Australia.


Visit website: equalityaustralia.org.au



2023 Signature Grant $50,000 for 2 years

2021 Rapid Response Grant, $10,000

2020 Signature Grant, $50,000

Core and responsive funding


Mannifera provided Equality Australia with core operational funding to support their successful advocacy that delayed and then defeated the federally proposed Religious Discrimination Bill.

The proposed bill was a dangerously unconventional piece of legislation threatening the hard-won rights achieved through the YES campaign for marriage equality,  and could have been used to discriminate against the LGBTIQ+ community, women, people with disability and other marginalised communities. 

Mannifera also supported Equality Australia’s Rainbow Votes project leading up to the 2022 federal election.  Equality Australia conducted a national survey on the issues affecting the LGBTIQ+ community, with 8000 responders nationwide. The response formed the basis of the ‘Rainbow Votes’ report documenting the issues that matter most to the LGBTIQ+ community. Following engagement with political parties on election commitments, an election forum was also held at the Victorian Pride Centre with representatives of the major political parties.

In 2023, Equality Australia received support for its #TransEquality project which aims to stop anti-trans politics being imported to Australia, reduce misinformation and partisanship in media reporting of trans issues, and equip trans and gender diverse people with the skills to act as spokespeople for their own comunity and define the public narrative about what trans equality means.