Equality Australia


Funding area: Political participation


Equality Australia is a national advocacy organisation protecting the rights of LGBTIQ+ people. Equality Australia emerged from the campaign that was crucial to achieving marriage equality in Australia.


Visit website: equalityaustralia.org.au



$50,000 (2020)

Core funding

$50,000 Signature grant (2020)

Mannifera has provided Equality Australia with core operational funding to support their advocacy to defeat the federally proposed Religious Discrimination Bill, a dangerously unconventional piece of draft legislation first introduced in Parliament in late 2019. The Bill poses a threat to the hard-won rights achieved through the YES campaign and could be used to discriminate against women, people with a disability and other marginalised communities.

EA is leading a national coalition of civil society organisations, health experts, faith-based organisations and industry groups to build public support for laws that protect us all, equally, and the prevent the Religious Discrimination Bill from moving forward.