Outback Academy Australia


Funding area: Inclusive economy


Outback Academy is a majority First Nations-led not-for-profit organisation. Outback connects First Nations regenerative farmers for supply opportunity; alongside capacity and capability building for agricultural horticultural business. Farmers work under the brand Follow the Flowers. The Follow the Flowers National Framework for Capability Building in Regenerative Farming has been designed with First Nations farmers and industry experts. It is being implemented in four states (WA, SA, NSW and Victoria) in 2022-2023, with five farm hubs and a further 18 active farms participating. Outback aims to increase to 50 farms in five years.

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2022 First Nations-led Grant, $20,000

2021 First Nations-led Grant, $40,000

Follow the Flowers


Outback Academy was first funded by Mannifera in 2021 to support the development of a Follow the Flowers business model for farms and employment hubs in WA, SA, NSW and Victoria.

Mannifera’s funding was used to plan the scaling of honey production and the engagement of Indigenous consultants to work with farmers and industry experts to develop the Follow the Flowers business model.

This second year funding is for the employment of short-term communications and marketing expertise to develop the communications systems and branding at a critical growth period for Outback Academy.