Outback Academy Australia


Funding area: Inclusive economy


Outback Academy Australia is an Aboriginal-led not-for-profit organisation committed to driving ethical and alliance-based business from under-utilised Aboriginal held lands that will return economic, social and environmental benefits to communities and country.

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$40,000 (2021)

East West Alliance Hubs

$40,000 Signature grant (2021)

Outback Academy’s social enterprise work brings together Aboriginal regenerative farmers across four states (16 farmers) referred to as the East West Alliance (EWA).

The EWA is a step towards a national group of honey, food and botanicals producers. The farmers are being supported to develop their capacity for regenerative farming that addresses food supply and security, returning country and communities to health, including intensive healing and skills development through employment opportunities for high priority Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups.

Mannifera funding is supporting the development of a business model for EWA farms that have been identified as intensive skills, healing and employment hubs in WA, SA, NSW and Victoria with plans to scale the model.