Western Australian Aboriginal Leadership Institute 


Funding area: First Nations-led Economic Inclusion


The Western Australian Aboriginal Leadership Institute (WAALI) was formed in 2017 and has a vision of providing leadership education for Aboriginal people through cultural ways of working. WAALI’s leadership programs are unique as they are guided by Elders, based in culture and are developed by Aboriginal people, for Aboriginal people, and increasingly are also facilitated by Aboriginal people – particularly graduates of their programs.

Visit website: waali.org.au



2023 First Nations-led Grant, $20,000

Emerging Leaders Institute


The Emerging Aboriginal Leaders Program is a 10-week program for young people aged 18-25, designed to improve educational outcomes by strengthening cultural identity, self-development, financial literacy and connection to culture and community. The program is complementary to current and future studies and assists participants with envisioning what their future could look like, and how they could benefit the wider community.

As well as supporting five young people, without other means, to go through the 10 week emerging leaders program, Mannifera funding will also cover the cost of the program evaluation.