Women for Election Australia


Funding area: Political participation


Women for Election Australia is a non-partisan, not-for-profit that aims to strengthen our democracy by increasing the number, diversity and influence of women in Australian politics and engaging more women in the political process.

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$20,000 (2021)

Core funding

$20,000 Signature grant (2021)

Women for Election Australia (WFEA) is committed to inspiring and equipping women from all backgrounds and lived experience to run for public office at local, state and federal levels.

With a goal to empower 2,000 women to stand for office by 2022, WFEA strives for gender parity in our legislative chambers so our governments represent the people they govern.

Women experience more barriers than men when running for public office and WFEA’s training specifically addresses them while providing pragmatic skills and techniques on how to get elected. When women can exercise political leadership in a manner that is authentic to them, there are gains not just for women and girls but for the whole of society.

Mannifera funding is supporting WFEA’s CEO role for 2021.