Women for Election Australia


Funding area: Political participation


Women for Election Australia (WFE) aims to strengthen our democracy by increasing the number, influence and diversity of women in politics in Australia and by engaging more women in the political process. WFE does this by training and supporting women to enter political life, run for office, support electoral campaigns and move up the ladder to higher elected and appointed office.

Visit website: wfea.org.au



2022 Signature Grant, $55,000

2021 Rapid Response Grant, $18,000

2021 Signature Grant, $20,000

Core and responsive funding

Mannifera has provided multi-year core funding support to Women for Election Australia (WFE).

WFE’s number one focus is the greater participation of women in Australian politics and equipping them with knowledge and skills to feel confident they can contribute. WFE’s training programs and mentoring support seek to address the main barriers women face when seeking to run for public office. 

WFE has demonstrated that demand exists for their training with 1900 women registering in 2021.  In 2022, WFE will grow their capacity and the number of training programs across Australia, with a particular focus on regional areas.

Mannifera has also funded the Power Like You’ve Never Seen campaign, a partnership between WFE and UN Women Australia. This campaign was dedicated to inspiring women’s involvement in our political process including running for office and seeing themselves as future political leaders.