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Funding area: Inclusive economy


The Australia Institute is an independent, non-partisan public policy think tank conducting high-impact research that combines rigorous fact-driven material with cutting-edge communication strategies.

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$20,000 (2021)

Tax is Good campaign

$20,000 Signature grant (2021)

The Australia Institute’s (TAI) ‘Tax is Good’ campaign aims to shift the national economic debate from a simplistic, narrow argument about ‘debt and deficit’ to an inclusive debate about how Australia can generate the revenue required to fund the public services all Australians deserve.

TAI is working to make the case why tax is good. Utilising in-house economics and communications expertise, TAI is creating a drumbeat of research-driven content, targeted to persuade key decision-makers in the Parliament.

Mannifera funding is providing dedicated staffing resources to deliver this campaign in the lead up to the next federal election.