Transparency International Australia


Funding area: Fair, accountable and open government


Transparency International Australia (TIA) engages with civil society partners, business and government to strengthen the integrity and accountability of institutions and expose and prevent corruption. TIA is the national chapter of Transparency International, a global coalition against corruption operating in over 100 countries.

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2023 Signature Grant, $70,000

Protecting Australia’s Whistleblowers


Whistleblowing is the single most important trigger for bringing problems to light.

Too often brave whistleblowers are punished, as evidenced by several high-profile whistleblowers facing charges for blowing the whistle on matters that are clearly in the public interest. While both private and public sector whistleblower laws purport to offer strong protections, in reality the rules are confusing and inconsistent. Australia’s laws are still very reliant on whistleblowers themselves having the legal resources and the money to be able to go to court to fight for their own protection.

In 2023, Mannifera supported TIA to establish a national group of respected former whistleblowers to join the civil society coalition campaigning for stronger whistleblowing protections.