Tomorrow Movement


Funding area: Public debate


Tomorrow Movement is building the power of young people to contribute to public debate and organise to win real solutions to the jobs and climate crises. Tomorrow Movement plans to build undeniable pressure on federal politicians and ensure young people’s experience and ideas cannot be ignored.

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2021 Rapid Response Grant, $20,000

Climate Jobs Guarantee


In the lead-up to the election, the Tomorrow Movement built momentum for the Climate Jobs Guarantee (CJG).

This is a campaign to transform our economic safety net to one that puts people to work solving the climate crisis. Tomorrow Movement advocates to ensure young people’s experience and ideas cannot be ignored, by building the skills and confidence of young people to contribute to public debate. 

In early 2022, Tomorrow Movement trained an additional 42 young people in the skills needed to lead the campaign for a Climate Jobs Guarantee. These young people led events with the goals of enabling young people to be a powerful force in the election, exposing the influence of vested interests on our politics and demonstrating public support for ambitious, cross-cutting solutions to the climate, jobs and health crises.

In the lead up to the 2022 federal election, Tomorrow Movement partnered with other youth organisations to boost the enrolment of young voters, contributing to the Australian Electoral Commission’s biggest ever voter enrolment week.