Fair Agenda


Funding area: Fair, accountable and open government


Fair Agenda works to transform the systems that drive and perpetuate gender injustice. To do that we need to reform the underlying policies, practices, cultures, and behaviours that enable it. Fair Agenda brings critical moment-driven campaigning capacity to the sector. Fair Agenda’s movement of 43,000 members around Australia, enable strategic interventions that hold decision-makers to account. Fair Agenda’s campaigning has secured millions in funding commitments, achieved historic abortion reform in multiple states including safe access zones, stopped almost a billion dollars of cuts to parental leave.

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2023 Signature Grant, $70,000

2022 Signature Grant, $55,000

2021 Rapid Response Grant, $10,000

Core and responsive funding


Fair Agenda’s aim is to have an independent and transparent process around allegations of sexual misconduct against members of parliament, and members be held to a consistent standard that befits their office.

Fair Agenda will advocate to hold the new parliament accountable to the Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkin’s Set the Standard Report recommendations, specifically around the substance of the code of conduct and the time frame for implementing the recommendations.

Mannifera funding will contribute to strategic communications, campaign specialists and survivor advocate honorariums for advice and engagement.

In 2023, Fair Agenda received campaign funding to secure a strong Independent Parliamentary Standards Commission for the federal parliament by the end of the year.