Yiliyapinya Indigenous Corporation


Funding area: Inclusive economy


Yiliyapinya Indigenous Corporation helps people to change and shape their lives with a focus on brain health and economic inclusion. Yiliyapinya works with children, parents, community organisations and workplaces to intervene at critical points and coach individuals and groups to improve their memory, attention, brain speed and social skills. Yiliyapinya provides workshops to organisations, businesses and schools to raise awareness of brain health and ways to help people improve their cognitive skills so that they become more engaged in education and employment.

Visit website: yiliyapinya.org.au



2022 First Nations-led Grant, $30,000

Deadly Brains Program


Yiliyapinya Indigenous Corporation Founder and CEO Sheryl Batchelor is an expert in bringing neuroplasticity interventions to help those who have experienced trauma and the flow-on cognitive effects impacting education and participating in the economy.

Sheryl Batchelor sees an opportunity to grow Yiliyapinya programs focused on the “trauma brain” and how First Nations people can harness this in their work and learning. Mannifera’s funding is supporting the exploratory work to scale Yiliyapinya’s work in this space.