Australia reMADE


Funding area: Fair, accountable and open government


Australia reMADE is an independent, not-for-profit leadership network that promotes a radically hopeful vision of what’s possible, and the systems-change needed to create it. It is a home for ambitious, collaborative, and transformative change-makers tired of toxic, unimaginative politics. Australia reMADE host gatherings, promote content and nurture a community of change-makers determined to be visionary, vulnerable and bold. Guided by a range of leaders from different sectors, and here for everyone who shares our vision and values.

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2023 Signature Grant, $80,000

2022 Signature Grant, $20,000

Building a Bigger Lighthouse


Australia reMADE’s role in the civil society sector is to bring a  focus on the bigger picture, how we can achieve large-scale structural change and to keep hope for this ambitious change alive.

Its role is not to develop the detailed, technical policy reform agenda but to work alongside close partners who are doing this work and advocating for it. Australia reMADE brings the big picture analysis and represents the views and aspirations of hundreds of Australians who have engaged with the Public Good project.

In 2022, reMADE will broaden collaborations, supporting civil society leaders and providing content needed to inspire big change.

Seizing the opportunity presented by the government’s commitment to respond to the 2019 Thodey Review, in 2023 reMADE received a grant from Mannifera to use their Public Good framework to guide public service reform.