Funding area: Political participation


Get Up is an independent movement of more than one million people working to build a progressive Australia and put people back into politics. GetUp’s First Nations Justice team leads campaigns to end fracking in the Northern Territory, increase democratic participation, and create new federal laws protecting Aboriginal cultural heritage. Land Rights and Climate Justice are central to all campaigns. All First Nations work is led by a team of campaigners from the Widjabul Wia-bul, Garrwa, Gooreng Gooreng, Wiradjuri, Noongar, Gubbi Gubbi, Kulkalgal, and Yanyuwa nations.

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2021 Rapid Response Grant, $10,000

Putting First Nations Justice at the Forefront in the NT


A key strategic focus in GetUP’s First Nations Justice (FNJ) team is building the democratic participation and electoral power of First Nations communities.

In the lead-up to the 2022 federal election, the FNJ team led a successful, multifaceted campaign to block the federal Voter ID bill that unfairly impacted First Nations people and would have exacerbated existing voter suppression in these communities. GetUp increased public and political awareness of voter suppression in First Nations communities, securing an additional $9.4m in funding for the Australian Electoral Commission in the Northern Territory from the previous government, and promised further reforms from the new ALP  government.

GetUP also targeted critical seats in the pre-election period to increase voter participation through enrollment drives across large, remote electorates in QLD and NT. Mannifera funding contributed to the FJN team’s larger pre-election advocacy budget.