Welcome to Country


Funding area: Inclusive economy


Welcome to Country is an Indigenous-led and operated social enterprise. Its vision is for prosperous Indigenous communities that are empowered to improve their economic wellbeing. Welcome to Country’s purpose is to create employment and economic development outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses using e-commerce platforms and support.

Visit website: welcometocountry.com



2022 First Nations-led Grant, $25,000


New Product Micro-Loan Fund


Welcome to Country was initially set up as a booking platform for First Nations-led tourism experiences. In response to COVID and its impact on small businesses, Welcome to Country expanded its platform and launched its  ‘e-shop’ for First Nations enterprises to sell their products.

Mannifera’s funding is establishing a rolling fund to support First Nations-owned enterprises to begin selling their products via the Welcome to Country platform, and to expand their business offerings.