Australian Democracy Network


Funding area: Public debate


The Australian Democracy Network is creating a healthy Australian democracy that puts people and planet first. ADN brings people and organisations together to campaign for the changes that make our democracy more fair, open, participatory, and accountable.

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$100,000 (2021)

$100,000 (2020)

Core funding

2 x $100,000 Signature grants (2020-21)

Mannifera’s funding in 2020 enabled the launch of Australian Democracy Network as a civil society coalition that leads and resources democracy collaborations. ADN was formed by core partners Human Rights Law Centre, Australian Conservation Foundation and Australian Council of Social Service. ADN has a growing list of over 100 civil society members and advocacy partners across two national collaborations:

#OurDemocracy campaign is a nation-wide movement of people and organisations who want a healthy Australian democracy which works for us all, not just the powerful few.

The Hands Off Our Charities Alliance coordinates a collective response to protect the ability of charities to advocate and ensure community voices are heard in national political debates. 

Mannifera’s renewed core funding in 2021 is supporting ADN to scale this work at a time where critical government bills and proposals need to be challenged, and policies that truly increase government transparency and integrity need to succeed.