Launching Mannifera’s new digital home

Mannifera is thrilled to unveil its new online home: 

The launch of our new website is a significant milestone in our journey and a marker of our growth as a collective. It also reinforces our commitment to building a more informed and connected ecosystem of advocates and funders working to drive critical systems change reforms. 

Whether you're a civil society leader or a philanthropic peer, our new website offers a wealth of information, resources, and opportunities to get involved.

The site also reflects Mannifera's dedication to transparency, accountability and learning. Grant-seekers will now be able to find clear and up-to-date information about funding processes and focus areas. And the philanthropic community can now more easily access updates about our work and stories of impact from our partners, alongside insights into all that we are learning along the way. 

Our aim is for our new blog to become a platform for knowledge exchange and commentary about the most effective strategies for strengthening our democracy and building a fair economy. We welcome submissions to our Updates & Insights page from our civil society partners and peers in philanthropy. 

We are grateful to the fabulous team at Creative Freedom for their support in developing a website that meets our unique needs and illustrates our identity so well.  

We hope you enjoy exploring our new site!