Foundations for Tomorrow 


Funding area: Fairness in Political Participation


Foundations for Tomorrow (FFT) is an independent, leader-focused non-profit with the mission of protecting Australia’s future interests by advancing the protection of future generations (advancing intergenerational fairness in the process) through policy innovation and legal instruments.


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2023 Signature Grant, $70,000

Advancing Future Generations Protections in Australia


Foundations for Tomorrow is a not-for-profit focused on advancing the protection of future generations and intergenerational fairness.

Government and industry leaders are currently not adequately supported, incentivised or held accountable to adopt long-term thinking. In 2023, Foundations for Tomorrow received funding to support its Parliamentary Friendship Group for Future Generations. Through this Friendship Group, FFT has engaged 20+ senators and MPs to build multi-partisan support for future generations reforms in Australia.