Mannifera’s Grant Impact Report 2023-24

Over the last year, our civil society and First Nations partners have made significant strides in their work to strengthen our democracy and create an economy with fairness at its heart. We’re thrilled to share highlights of their achievements over the past year in our Grant Impact Report 2023-24.

This report details accomplishments supported by grants distributed at Mannifera’s annual muster in May 2023 and utilised over the following 12 months. These updates stem from our evaluation process, which tracks progress towards systems change and Mannifera’s role in these efforts. A few highlights from the year include:

  • Our First Nations-led grants predominantly supported women-led enterprises and bolstered business networks.
  • New initiatives were launched to transform public service and advocate for transparency.
  • Substantial progress was achieved on intergenerational fairness, whistleblower protections, social security reforms, dis/misinformation laws, electoral reform, and parliamentary standards.
  • New campaigns on protest rights and trans equality were launched.

As you read, you will also notice the extent to which our partners are working together and supporting each other’s work. We’re proud that Mannifera has contributed to fostering this collaboration and reciprocity. We hope you enjoy reading the report, and are as inspired as we are by the incredible efforts and impact of our partners.